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Biogeography and ecology in Australia / edited by A. Keast, R.L. Crocker, C.S. Christian
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574.994 BIO
The Hague: Junk
640 p., [14] p. of plates : ill., maps ; 25 cm.
I. The uniqueness of Australia in biology / by F.S. Bodenheimer -- II. The Australian environment / by Allen Keast -- III. Ecology of primitive aboriginal man in Australia / by Norman B. Tindale -- IV. Human ecology in Australia / by Griffith Taylor --
V. The marsupial fauna : its origin and radiation / by E. Le G. Troughton -- VI. Australian birds : their zoogeography and adaptations to an arid continent / by Allen Keast -- VII. The reptiles of Australia / by Allen Keast -- VIII. The freshwater fishes of Australia / by Gilbert P. Whitley -- IX. The zoogeography of some Australian insects / by J.W. Evans -- X. Zoogeographical aspects of the Australian dipterofauna / by S.J. Paramonov -- XI. The ecology and biogeography of Australian grasshoppers and locusts / by K.H.L. Key -- XII. Aspects of the distribution and ecology of Australian termites / by J.H. Calaby and F.J. Gay -- XIII. The land and freshwater Mollusca of Australia / by Donald F. McMichael and Tom Iredale -- XIV. The Australian freshwater crustacea / by E.F. Riek -- XV. La place de l'Australie mediterraneenne dans l'ensemble des pays mediterraneens du Vieux Monde (remarques sur le climat mediterraneen de l'Australie) / par Louis Emberger -- XVI. The vegetation of Western Australia / by C.A. Gardner -- XVII. Past climatic fluctuations and their influence upon Australian vegetation / by R.L. Crocker -- XVIII. The phytogeography of Australia (in relation to radiation of Eucalyptus, Acacia, etc.) / by J.G. Wood -- XIX. Some aspects of soil ecology / by G.A. Stewart -- XX. Recent studies on marsupial ecology / by A.R. Main, J.W. Shield, and H. Waring -- XXI. Marsupial reproduction / by G.B. Sharman -- XXII. The contribution of banding to Australian bird ecology / by Robert Carrick -- XXIII. Ecology of wild ducks in inland Australia / by H.J. Frith -- XXIV. Ecology of Australian frogs / by A.R. Main, M.J. Littlejohn, and A.K. Lee -- XXV. Ornithosis research in Australia / by J.A.R. Miles -- XXVI. Vegetation of high mountains in Australia in relation to land use / by A.B. Costin -- XXVII. Some aspects of ecological research in semi-arid Australia / by N.C.W. Beadle -- XXVIII. Species distribution and association in Eucalyptus / by L.D. Pryor -- XXIX. The ecology and prevention of soil erosion / by R.G. Downes -- XXX. The merino sheep in Australia / by Ian W. McDonald -- XXXI. Ecological observations on plant communities grazed by sheep in Australia / by R.M. Moore -- XXXII. The ecology of sheep blowflies in Australia / by K.R. Norris -- XXXIII. The rabbit in Australia / by F.N. Ratcliffe -- XXXIV. The biological control of prickly pear in Australia / by Alan P. Dodd -- XXXV. An ecogenetic research programme with introduced plants / by F.H.W. Morley and O.H. Frankel -- XXXVI. The eco-complex in its importance for agricultural assessment / by C.S. Christian -- XXXVII. Nature conservation in Australia / by Robert Carrick and Alec B. Costin.
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574.994 BIO
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