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Poloestry in a predictable coastal environment: reproduction, growth and development in Sminthopsis murina (Dasyuridae, Marsupialia) / Barry J. Fox and Dick Whitford. Review of dasyurid ecology and speculation on the role of limiting similarity in community organization / Barry J. Fox. Ecological separation and coexistence of Sminthopsis murina and Antechinus stuartii (Dasyuridae, Marsupialia) : a regeneration niche? / Barry J. Fox. Review of the dasyurid (Marsupialia) fossil record, integration of data-bearing on phylogenetic interpretation and suprageneric classification / Michael Archer. A review of Miocene thylacinids (Thylacinidae, Marsupialia), the phylogenetic position of the Thylacinidae and the problem of apriorisms in character analysis / Michael Archer. Polythetic cladistics, or, when parsimony's not enough: the relationships of carnivorous marsupials / John A.W. Kirsch and Michael Archer.
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BOOK: Carnivorous marsupials / edited by Michael Archer. Royal Zoological Society of N.S.W. 1982 : 39-48; 97-116; 187-197; 397-443; 445-476; 595-619;
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