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David Ride : [field notebook] : Warburton Range Recce : Laverton, Warburton track, Yamarna, Gunbarrel Highway. [Part 1]
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23 - 30 Jan 1967
82 p. : ill. ; 16 cm.
Expedition continued in Part 2 : 1st Feb - 10 Feb 1967.
Mammal Specs. [W.R.120-123] ; Colour photographs [3301 - 3431]
Glen Storr's route-card to Warburton Mission. Laverton,
Glen Storrs Route-card : Laverton to Warburton Mission. Laverton
Beria (abandoned mine) turn rt for Cosmo Newbery Cosmo Newbery Mission,
Blackboys near bend to rt.,

Bend to left, track to rt goes to "Mt Shenton" outstation, has mill.
Minnie Creek turnoff, sharp right.
Peagull Rock to rt.,
Beginning of Lake Throssell,
Native Well, 1 mile to left, good track to it
End of Lake Throssell.
Peg 101 to N. "200" to south (Native drawings of diverse animals)
Terhan Rock hole
native stone on left hand side of road,
peg P.B.145,
Surveyors' tripod in scrubby interdune,
petrol dump at Hunt oil turnoff (our drum is on left hand side of road immediately past turnoff), road to right runs generally east along 27th parallel.
"Muggon" rock hole(recte Narratha),
Manunda Rock hole & PB 1777,
Gahnda Rock hole PB197 (recte Ganba),
Windalda Rock hole & PB 210,
Hunt oil airstrip 331 - Rawlinna turnoff to rt.,Macrodeus
Turnoff to left to Hunt oil camp.
Beginning of Aboriginal Reserve, Warburton Range Mission.

Glen Storr's Route card : Warburton Ra. - Carnegie. Warburton Ra
Taking left hand from (Giles Rd) Elder Creek
Turn left for Carnegie ( 287 m) straight ahead to Giles signpost.
Todd Range ( a line of breakaways with caves)
Top of Baker Range, Mt Samuel Trig to left, then curving descent of breakaways, rabbits here on 24/7/63.
Signpost BMR/SP.
Bloodwood with aluminium plate inscribed "100 miles from Warburton Range, 224 miles from Carnegie".
Northeast end of Lake Breaden
Lone desert oak
BMR water bore on gum flat
trig (Notabilis hill) on top of laterite rise
Old camp BMR
Mt Beedell ( an impressive red and white breakaway
Decker airstrip.
Ascent of Browne Range
Sharp bend left in pass between Mts Everard and Gordon
Gary Highway to rt.(to Windy corner, Kidson camp abd Well 35).
Big bend to SW at trig (1498')
Concrete peg 82/34, 3 petrol drums. Our old camp (25/7/63) 107 m. E of Carnegie.
Mungilli claypan to rt.
Mt William Lambert to rt. (a trig in breakaway)
Mt Nossiter (a breakaway in Fame Range.
Concrete peg 82/46 petrol drums
Blazed desert oak (now dead)
[Sketch] Butler's Directions to Macrodeus colony at Galah.

> 23 Jan 1967
6 Florence Rd., Nedlands 0710 hrs., 171/2 gals - filled tank & 2 jerricans
Granite quarry E. of Kellerberrin where I collected bone previously, crusty aggregate for new railway line (135 mile peg). Morning coffee 32c.
9 gals to fill.
Merredin lunch 65c.
Southern Cross 5 1/2 gals to fill. Road closed but just open, removed to have had 600pts from Cyclone "Elsie". Very wet all over the road. Lake with plenty of water.

Kalgoorlie 81/2 gals to fill. Very cold & raining since Coolgardie. Railway washed out in several places. Tea $1.00. Rain now said to be between 700-800 points.

Called on Bill & Mrs Cleveley had tea and then on to Gill and Nanette Ralph, 35 Ward St.. Invited to stay the night . Road open to Leonora but not clear of sit beyond. Reminded that Gill Ralph never advised about the Echidna he sent.

Had long talk to Ralph and Hobson about the British Aims. Well see the ABC reps for them to do something to build up public interest. They are very interested and grateful for the loan of the State Battery [?] model for the Kalgoorlie Community Fair in March.

Arranged to meet Ralph (now Sec. of Imar[?]) and Hobson (now chairman) next day. To bed 12.15 Alex gone earlier with splitting head.

> 24th Jan 1967
0930 hrs up to see Prideau at R.F.D. Base, Alma still there. Two messages from Perth
(1) from Bob Tewell telling us that the aerial photos of Sharde (?) will be up to the R.F.D. base today -- Gave this to Athol to deal with.
(2) for John Bannister asking him to ring him at the Museum 15m. delay to Museum. Message re John's application for job. Wants to know collection he ought to go to London (?) for an interview at the Zoo.
Scheds between 7 and 8.
Did interview for Goldfields magazine for broadcast at 8.00 pm on Wed. 1st Feb. 69F, [6kg is 248]
[Now SF 6.45 and 2.45 am, 6pm, 7pm. (local & weather at 6.45]
Lunch for two (Alex & Self) $1.19, Drinks $7.15. Filled up Rover with all jerricans, 17 gals. Left Herman[?] St. 13.05 hrs.
Qulpit dead on road, good dark face.
Fox crossing road
Leonora 9 gals Road closed but garage man advised Ok for L. Rover. Drove on through much water on Laverton Rd to little hill above swampy plain.
Collected frogs & 2 geckoes. The darker of the two geckoes was caught on a rush at the water's edge. The other running on the ground at a fire.

Collected a few artifacts. Frogs calling and spaces in the water. Seem to be a bat 8spp. Helioparus like moo ; a high trilling and a clicking quack.

Beria (abandoned mine) turn rt for Cosmo Newbery,

Cosmo Newbery Mission, Mill, Blackboys near bend to rt., Bend to left, Track to rt goes to "Mt Shelton" outstation, has Mill. Minnie Creek turnoff sharp right, Peagull Rock  to rt., beginning of Lake Throssell, Native well 1 mile to left, good track to it, End of Lake Throssell. Peg 101 to N. "200" to south (Native drawings of diverse animals). Terhan Rock Hole, Native Stone on left hand side of road, Peg P.O. 145, surveyors tripod in scrubby intrude. Petrol dump at Hunt oil turnoff (our drum is on left hand side of road immediately past turnoff), road to right runs generally east along 27th parallel. "Muggun" rock hole (recte Narratha) Manunda Rock Hole & P.B. 1777. Gahnda Rock Hole & P.B. 197 (recte Ganba), Windalda Rock Hole & P.B. 210. Hunt oil airstrip 331 - Rawlinna turnoff to rt. Turnoff to left to Hunt oil camp, beginning of Aboriginal Reserve, Warburton Range Mission.

Glen Storr's Route Card : Warburton Ra. - Carnegie.

Warburton Ra., Taking left hand from (Giles Rd.). Elder Creek. Turn left for Carnegie (287 m.) Straight ahead to Giles - signpost. Todd Range (a line of breakaways with caves). Top of Baker Range, Mt. Samuel trig to left, then curving descent of breakaways. Rabbits here on 24/7/63. Signpost BMR/SP. Bloodwood with aluminium plate inscribed "100 miles from Warburton Range, 224 miles from Carnegie". Northeast end of Lake Breadon, lone desert oak, BMR water bore on gum flat. trig (Notabilis Hill) on top of laterite rise. Old camp BMR. Mt. Beadell ( an impressive red and white breakaway). Decker airstrip. Ascent of Broome Range, sharp bend left in pass between Mts Everard and Gordon. Gary Highway to rt. (to Windy Corner, Kidson"s Camp abd Well 35). Big bend to SW at trig(1498'). Concrete peg 82/34, 3 petrol drums. Our old camp (25/7/63) 107m. east of Carnegie. Mungilli Claypan to rt. Mt William Lambert to rt. ( a trig on breakaway), Mt Nossiter (a breakaway in Fame Ra.), concrete peg 82/46 petrol drums, blazed desert oak (now dead), Carnegie.

Sketch : Butler's directions to Macrodena[?] colony at Gandah.

> 23 Jan 1967
Leaves Nedlands
Granite quarry E of Kellerberrin where I collected bone previously, crushing aggregate for new railway line, Merredin, Southern Cross, road closed but just open, rumoured to have had 600 pts from cyclone "Elsie", very wet all over the road, lake with plenty of water. Kalgoorlie very cold & raining since Coolgardie. Railway washed out in several places, rain now said to be700-800 points. Called on Bill & Mrs Clewley had tea, then on to Gill and Nanette Ralph 35 Ward St., invited to stay the night. Road open to Leonora but not clear of sit. beyond. Reminded that Gill Ralph never advised about the Echidna he sent. had long talk to Ralph and Hobson about the British Aims[?]. We'll see the ABC reps for them to do something to build up public interest. They are very interested and grateful for the loan of the State Battery[?] model for the Kalgoorlie County Fair in March. Arranged to meet Ralph (now Sec. of  Mines[?]) and Hobson (now chairman) next day. To bed 12.15 Alex gone earlier with splitting head.

> 24th Jan 1967
9.30 up to see Prideaux at R.F.D. base. Alna[?] still there. Two messages from Perth (1) from Bob Tewell telling us that the Aerial photos Gharde[?] area will be up to the R.F.D. base today - Gave this to Athol to deal with. (2) for John Banister asking him to ring him at the Museum. 15 Min delay to Museum, message re John's application for job. Wants to know whether he ought to go for an interview at the zoo. Scheds between 7 and 8. Did interview for Goldfields Magazine for broadcast at 8 pm on Wed.1st Feb. 69F [6kg is 248]. [News SF 6.45 a 7.45 am, 6pm 7pm (local & weather at 6.45 pm].

Lunch, filled up Rover, left Hannan St 13.05. Quilpit dead on road, good dark face. Fox crossing road.

Leonora. Road closed but garage advised OK for L. Rover. Drove on though much water on Laverton Rd. to little hill above swampy plain. Camp. Collected frogs and 2 geckoes. The darker[?] of the 2 geckoes was caught in a rush at the water's edge, the other running on the ground at a fire. Collected a few artifacts. Frogs calling and spairs in the water seems to be about 8 spp. Helioporus-like moo, sheep-like higher filled baa; a deep glomp ; a high trilling ; and a clicking quack.

> 25th Jan. 1967
05.30 a nice morning, cloudy with a clear sunrise and sun in patches. Bellbirds calling, some yellow-eyed Areantheja[?] oterione very still. Breakfast without distinction - Athol's choice of tins very unimaginative. Fox tracks. Listened to Scheds on 5360. Charlie Prideaux very loud but somewhat staticy. Ruth Swan[?] on8WOY very clear, did not come up, no messages for us being called. Did frogs & geckoes. Off at 09.15.

28 m. E of Leonora. Minora Homestead. Mt Morgans, Mt Margaret turnoff. Laverton, seems pretty dead, very little life, a few natives sitting around in the main street otherwise little life. Bought supplies & a new billy, photo of main street of Laverton[C3301]. Spinifex begins, spinifex in sand (2) Cylindoleus[?] ran across road, dug out of burrow[?]. Another species running in road, shot. Spinifex flat, shot Sypheronaplus[?], dug out Amphibolus, Baynes hit Egenia with spade. Cosmo boss gone to Melbourne. Stopped lunch in an Acacia patch, stony ground  with red clay soil. B. shot a Sytheromorphs[?]. Fist[?] fixed clere[?]. Lovely woodland to south with white barked gums, saw ALytornis singing in spinifex. Blackboys[C3302], Blackboys & mallee[C3303], white backed magpie, Moloch[?] in roads, listened to 3.45 Sched on 5360 KC in case anything for Athol, message that Athol to leave Kalgoorlie at 5pm tonight and Bill Clewley will bring Michael White in when he comes. Reception v. good, straight through immediately. Reached Dons[?] at turnoff, turned back to put in number for Bill Clewley and Athol. Marker No 1, Marker no. 2, Marker No. 3. back at drums & turn off to Yamarna. Drove down track to well before homestead. This well is set in the "headwaters"- a soil flat - of Minnie Creek. Great Eucalypts altogether a most unexpected sight. The water seems to be about 20 ft down . Unfortunately not enough line for us but Athol may provide when he arrives. Eagles in the trees and a Brown Hawk's nest  with bird sitting. Some fine drizzle & plenty of signs of previous rain. The country all round here is plentiful mallee with Acacia in poor stony ground. Went out spotlighting. Rabbits in warrens in sandy ground, back at turnoff met 2 chaps from Warbo's on their way through to Kalgoorlie. Went on back to camp. Continued on down to Yamarna homestead  but did not go far enough in the dark - turned in at 12.15. General impressions in spotlighting : Red kangaroos plentiful, some half to 3/4 grown joey but no small joeys at heel. Rabbits fairly plentiful with 3/4 grown kittens. Confined entirely to the sandy soil in ridges where there is no spinifex.

> 26 Jan 1967 Thursday
Camp at well 8.4 m. Sth of Turn off. Homestead (abandoned). This is in poor condition and with a couple of days work could be made quite good enough for a party to work from. Drove back along Minnie Creek towards camp. Stopped to look at exposures. These seem to be largely a red sandstone (ie grit - mundayin[?] cement) with coarse inclusions of quartz, quartzite and schist. t is not very thick and in places the quartzite and schist which underlie it come up to the surface. The surface hereabouts is very instralting[?]. Scrubby mulga going on very poor clay soil with plentiful gibbers of quartzite, ironstone and white quartz. The schist-like material appears to be a working product of the quartzite which has numerous bands of silica. Alex shot an Amphibolus.

Walked system. Photos[C3304, 05] of exposure on NE bank showing the grit overlaying the schist. Specimens of schist taken with grit. same appearance as at Ederga R. with the fine sediment in the top breaking up into blocklike pieces. [Sketch of layers of rock], Section of photo[C304-5]. Ewings of Yamarna passed through and asked us to a cup of tea. Left camp to go to Salvation Well via Thatchers Soak. Old Yamarna Homestead, turned west onto track beyond Thatchers Soak. Cairn on right, track joins from East. 3.45 Scheds. Exposure over to N of track, looks like kaolin. Telegram from Bob Savage asking me to look in the valley of the Sutherland Range - what a hope ! Bob Clewley also got message re Michael White. Went over to exposure in sandhill, a patch of schist with quartz blao. v. prominent but no good for fossils, took 2 photos [C3306-7]. Collected numbers of lizards in spinifex sand, one leyo v. dark ? emo. whissed. Back at rd., track junction at ?Thatchers Soak, took left fork. ran over snake, Athol collected it Purendectis[?]. Thatcher Soak, a shallow stone would soak sheets covering. The range is bare with granite exposed all over surface. Still on same track but no track to S.E., turn back to look for track. Back at soak. Drove back to camp rather than try a new track in the dark. Put meal on and then drove down to the new Yamarna homestead to see the boys to tell them why we did not come in. 9 miles out got bogged in road and worked until 10.00. Gave up and walked back. 5 miles later (11.15) Alex arrived & picked us up. Back to camp ate meal - v. tired.

> 27th Jan 1967 (Friday)
Up for news & Sched. reception good, further rain coming in from Pt Hedland, 12 ins. Sched sent telegram to Savage:

0950 hrs left camp after a thorough clear up. For old landrover (bogged) Yamarna instead at Dorothy Hills. Pulled out landrover photos[C3308-10]. Alex collected a few lizards between camp and this point. New Yamarna homestead, had talk with Ewings and Anne -wife. 3 children[C3313,4].

Transferred to Athol's landrover, turn pt at fenceline (ie SE), turn NE away from fence, turn off track towards breakaways bearing 65*, reached base of breakaway. Sketch of breakaway. Walked out a mile or so of breakaway, v. hot and humid, cumulonimbus building up to east, thunder, Sched impossible owing to static. The section is complex, will come back tomorrow to collect specs. at the lower levels there seem to be sandstones and shales with a pronoed[?] dip: the lower mesas are then capped by a very remarkable conglomerate of marble sized to walnut sized milky quartz. This extends laterally into crossbedded shales which is then (in the higher mesas) overlain by sandstones which are laterized at the top. It seems to me that there is a marked discontinuity between the conglomerate -shale horizon and the lower sandstones. If the lower is Cretaceous is the upper Tertiary ? Light poor photos tomorrow. There would be 80-100 ft of exposures. Started back with thunder increasing and, unfortunately, Alex got bogged just before we got to the road, Then it started to rain. Kevin Ewings drove out to get a kangaroo and saw me in trouble. We had to leave the petrol rover and went on into the the homestead. Rain very heavy. In the darkness the rain really came down and the whole country started to flood. The water level was about 5-6 ins between 9 and 9.30 - the wet was about 3 ins. Ewings is worried about the house obviously in a bad place. Tankstand started to go but stopped it by part emptying it. Fortunately he has no stock yet. All the vehicles are getting bogged down in their standings. Ewings v. kind and asked us to stay. They have very little food but said that we could "use them up" for as long as we liked. They used to be V.A.M.

> 28th Jan 1967 (Sat.)
A look at the situation, is not pouring, no rain gauge but at least 2 inches have fallen in the night. Will try to get through on Sched to Charlie on the Yamarna wireless:8WHISKY NOVEMBERXRAY is sitting in the petrol landrover 2 miles from the homestead. Will try to pass telegrams through YAMARNA8WHISKYWHISKYTANGO - KEVINEWINGS



Did not succeed, but Kevin Ewings got through a message to say we were flooded out and to tell Bill Cleveley not to come. Como only had 20 points while Windos[?] are completely flooded out and airstrip. for 48 hrs. Kalgoorlie had a little rain. Walked over to the petrol land rover with extra bog boards for tomorrow when we try to get it up. Athol left at 6.45 am. to walk up to the camp, he will look after the kit, could not dissuade him, best to let him go. I told him to stay there until we get there.

Meteorite ? near Point Nasland. Heard to fall in daylight in 1960-61 by Alan Lovick (at present in Saudi Arabia, Hut Oil) and Harry Lupton. Harry Lupton was in a tank at the time and felt the vibration, Natives also heard a noise at Cosmo. Lovich searched for it but without success.

Kangaroos. Marloo, Euros, Goolbit (Waigai name in Kalgoorlie) [Imigabrudda(Waigai name for Euro)] Goolbit - only seen in pairs probably passing through.Short tracks in Marloo - very long track in Goolbit ["not like a kangaroo track at all"]

Spent morning at vehicle & tried to walk over to collect specs and take photos but got into awful trouble in boggy stretch before the [gravel out wishes ]with saltbush. Gave up the attempt at 12.00 and got back to L.Rover about 12,30. Carried back kit box, aerial photos etc to homestead. Spent afternoon collecting lizards with Alex, the dogs and children (Stephen and Terry (Girl). V. successful, collected 3 good scorpions as well.

> 29th Jan 1967
Sunday. Went out to vehicle Sched 0920. VJQ - 8WHISKY NOVEMBER XRAY telegram:


No need to send telegram. No delivery until Tuesday. Bill clearly left Kalgoorlie early this morning with Michael White will try to get through. Walked back to homestead and then went out with Kevin Ewings to a suspected meteorite crater along the SW-NE leg of the paddock. Certainly looks like, we marked the position on the fence line with a bag and walked back to homestead collecting a few lizards on the way including a Varanus gouldii. Afternoon walked out to S.W.B. land Rover in the bog with extra bog boards and spent afternoon jacking up and getting out to the road. Alex helped for the first part, & then when I decided that we would not get up to the camp that night walked back to the homestead to tell them. Kevin came over and helped and between us we got the vehicle out to the road. At night tried to get a lizard[?] with a spotlight but without success. In conversation Kevin said that he had seen brush wallaby shot at Lake King. A long way to the East for irma. He says not common there.

> 30th Jan 1967.
700 walked out to vehicle, discovered public holiday Sched not until 9.00. Left creek N. of homestead. Reached Michael White and Bill Cleverley about a mile N of homestead, their Holden was bogged  - unbogged it and got bogged ourselves. Got through to VJQ and told them that Bill Cleverley and Michael White had reached our camp. On the way up we met Athol at     . He had walked up to camp the day before. Been there when Michael White arrived and then left to meet us early in the morning to advise against trying to cross the creek flats between the Salvation[?] creek and the old homestead. We made a detour round there without trouble and the rest of the way was clear.2136 Left camp. Crossed rd. - new rd. Neale Junction Rd, corner with drums inWarbo Rd., Neale Junction Rd, turnoff Warbo Rd. Cosmo Newberry Mission, got stores, also stores for Kevin & Anne, to tell them that the potatoes & the onions[?] are in short supply. Also cleaned the barrel of the gun with curtain [?] rod with the help of Tom Murray (1/2 caste in charge). Left mission. Cosmo Hills and windmill, junction of Old Warbo Rd where it goes down to Mt Shenton. V. gouldii v. common on road. New awt[?] (ie Neale Junction Rd.) off Warbo Rd., turned down it, junction the Minnie Creek Rd., back up it to pick up Bog Boards. Back in camp.

Went out shooting after dark for meat. A. shot 3 kangaroos, Reds, AMD208, male, immature, kept skull ; AMD209,female, mature AMD210,female, immature. Baynes also shot 2 rabbits, males, plentiful in isolated weipes[?] in guerny[?] ridges.

Butted down out under the Kangaroo Tree - or at least near it. Thr story of the tree according to Kevin Ewings is that the Waigai say that in the Dreaming, a kangaroo travelled from near Ayers Rock to the Warburton Ranges where he stole a woman and came south west. The pursuers caught up with them at Minnie Creek and speared him there, where he became the great gum tree on the flat immediately opposite our camp. I asked Tom Murray, the half-caste at Cosmo about the story but he only said that he believed that there was some such story but did not volunteer any further information.

Tomorrow will send telegram: Terrell care Museum Perth : Professor White joined party moving to Lake Baker Wednesday, Ride.
Scorpions everywhere.
Mr & Mrs K. Ewings
Yamarna Stn.
P.O. Laverton, W.A.

> 31st Jan. 1967 (Tuesday)
Up at 5.30 a lovely dawn, the Kangaroo tree looks wonderful in the rising sun.

Sched at 7.00, got telegram off to tell that the Landrover could be got out.

I saw a mob of about 14 camels of which Athol and I shot 3, beautiful animals - a pity to shoot them but Kevin has asked us to because of his fences. Refuelled at which point all tanks and cans empty except 5 gals. in reserve. This isc[?] location represents the safe range of the vehicle i.e. 2301-1 - 1855.6 = 445.5 + 5 gallons. Back at camp packed up the kit for all day down at Yamarna Homestead. Intention to get Bill Cleverley to (?) meteorite crater and to get the diesel Landrover.

Left camp. Road in good condition as far as the boggy place. Some minor troubles getting Bill's Holden across the bogs. Bill thinks meteorite crater a possibility but no success in digging - "difficult to see what else it could be". Athol says mallee fowl's nest. Collected book, males & females of a new horabine[?] with Michael White. V. nice lunch with the Ewings.

ced. 345pm
Telegram for V.J.Q.  Ex Brisbane  To D. Ride. Returning Perth

>  Wed. 1st Feb.
This is for Elle Fry to say that now O.K. to send emails to her. Called old homestead & collected portable disblower. Athol collected crickets in old well, notebook (mine) fell in but recovered by him. He is a

Got back to camp to find that Athol had given our kangaroo (eating) to the Ewings with those shot for them.So tins tonight after attempts by Athol and Alex to shoot a rabbit. Mosquitos bad - turn in at 21.45. Alex refuelled the Landrover at approx 2360.
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